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Lucas Thomas - "Debris"

Hello I'm Lucas Thomas. Today we will be talking about a piece titled "Debris." It is an acrylic painting on stretched canvas. We are looking at forms or objects scattered about a blue ground. I would like to walk you through a brief inventory of some of these objects.

On the far left under a glow cast down by a long stemmed lamp sits a piece of glasswear supported by a few stubby short legs. In the glass, leaning against the lip is a rod in what appears to be a scroll of paper or perhaps even a wood shaving curling over the lip's edge. To the right of the glass is a wedge like former vessel with a modeled texture. Up from the opening sprouts the long curved stem of our bespoke lamp along with a few bruised mushroom fruit with the caps plucked and gone. In front of that winds a curved corbusian rooftop garden wall adorned with two short rows of glass ponty tiles. The wall wraps then seems to bisect a striped blue boulder, the bottom portion of which is draped over a protruding small piece of square stock. In front of and to the left of our curved wall stands a piece of a Rogers piano H-vack tube posted on a plinth in a puddle. Moving up and to the right over a few things here and there we find a structure built over a stone four posted, planked and supporting a blue branch ready for the pyr.

Slightly behind and wandering to the right, we have another corbusian concrete wall over the right far end of which hovers a glass pendant showering light over the stems of another fungal form. This fruit sprouting from a colony that has settled into the bottom of yet another piece of glasswear. A quick jog down and to the right sits another small rock underneath a dome shallow corner cave. The small stone is kept in good company by a leaning ladder. Or is it a fallen steel ceiling truss? Immediately and to the left and a little bit in front of our cave corner spews a steaming stemmed sead pod with a painted cobalt pebble for ornament. Up above it all float a couple of hollow half spheres, perhaps planets scraped empty.

What objects do you see that we can add to our inventory? 

Art of the State 2022: A Juried Exhibition of Colorado
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