Artist proof

Artist Proof: Print Process at Oehme Graphics

January 18 - March 24, 2024

Explore selections of processes and final prints from the Oehme Graphics archives. Follow sixteen artists as they work with Master Printer Sue Oehme, tracking their unique concepts and techniques to create their artistic prints. Founded by Susan Hover Oehme in 2010, Oehme Graphics is a fine print publisher that collaborates with internationally recognized artists in a state-of-the-art printmaking facility. Nestled high in the Rockies in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Oehme Graphics is one of the country’s leading fine art print publishers.

Artist Proof: Print Process at Oehme Graphics
  1. KBR - Katherine Bradford: Portfolio
  2. KBU - Ken Buhler: "Notes from the Edge of the World" Portfolio
  3. TC - Taiko Chandler: "On and On #120"
  4. JFP - Julia Fernandez Pol: "Interstellar Echo #1,"Interstellar Echo #2," and "Eclipse² #1"
  5. LF - Louise Fishman: "Homage to the Mountains No. 83, 22, 36, 68, 82, and 62"
  6. DF - Deborah Freedman: "Cold Spring I," "Cold Spring III," "Spring Fever XII," and "Spring Fever II"
  7. NF - Nancy Friese: "Treetops Sepia" and "Among Trees"
  8. HI - Homare Ikeda: "Mucha-Kucha B" and "A Bohemian Boat A"
  9. PK - Patsy Krebs: "Untitled Orange," "Untitled Red," "Untitled BW," and "Untitled Blue"
  10. CP - Collin Parson: "Light Ellipse 1-4"
  11. DR- David Row: "Lightrap Emerald" and "Lightrap Yellow"
  12. CS - Connie Saddlemire: "Icy Snowpack"
  13. CSM - Catherine Shuman Miller: "Yes... And"
  14. FS - Frank Stella: "Riallaro (Black and White)"
  15. JWE - Joanna Webster: "Iris BW," "Tulipa BW," "Ranunculus Color," and "Calla Color"
  16. MWR - Mia Westerlund Roosen: "Guantanamo Series"
  17. DZ - Deborah Zlotsky: "Loopholes 3"