The North Choir Aisle - The Calling Window

The next window, the Calling Window, commemorating the bicentenary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, was installed in 2020.  It was designed and created by Sophie Hacker and reflects an historical event in Nightingale’s life; at the age of sixteen, when seated in the garden at her home, Embley Park, she received a clear ‘call’ from God.

Many aspects of Nightingale’s professional and personal life are represented symbolically in the design: The Duomo in Florence, the city where she was born. Scutari Barracks in Istanbul where she was posted during the Crimean War. The County Hospital in Winchester, and St Thomas’s Hospital in London which has been the home of the Nightingale Training School for Nurses since 1860.

A nightingale, an owl and various flowers are also significant, as are the inscriptions.

After Hacker had painted, stained and fired the window, it was cut and etched by Holy Well Glass. It was then leaded and installed by Salisbury Cathedral Glass.

Turn left now under the arch to face the high altar.

Romsey Abbey - A Guide to the Stained Glass
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  16. The North Choir Aisle - The Calling Window
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  19. The North Transept (north wall, left) - The Annunciation
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  22. North Nave Aisle 1 - Healing the Lame, The Good Samaritan, and Healing the Blind Man
  23. North Nave Aisle 2 - Christ the Good Shepherd & Suffer the Little Children