St Anne's Chapel - The Child Jesus in the Temple and The Epiphany Windows

This area contains a pair of windows which were given in memory of the Honourable Evelyn Ashley, grandfather of Lady Edwina Mountbatten of Broadlands.

Just beyond the French glass, in the South Choir Aisle, is a fine window showing the child Jesus in the Temple, and over the altar and rood in St Anne's Chapel is the Epiphany Window. Both were made in 1910. The pictures are very detailed but rather dark. However, this is relieved by the ornamentation around the central images, which allows more light to come through.

These windows are the work of the studios of Kempe and Co, the new name for the firm after the death of Charles Eamer Kempe in 1907. Kempe’s usual signature had been a small wheatsheaf hidden among the decoration on the edge of the design. On his death in 1907, Walter Tower took over the business and added his signature of a tower in the centre of the Kempe wheatsheaf. This is the image which can be found in the bottom left of both of these windows.

Turn left into St Ethelflaeda's Chapel.

Romsey Abbey - A Guide to the Stained Glass
  1. An Introduction
  2. The West Window
  3. South Nave Aisle - Abraham and Isaac
  4. South Nave Aisle - The Annunciation
  5. South Nave Aisle - St Anna and The Presentation in the Temple
  6. South Nave Aisle - Christ Healing the Blind Man
  7. South Transept - The Three Marys
  8. South Transept - The Dutton Windows
  9. South Transept - The Tollemache Windows
  10. The French Glass
  11. St Anne's Chapel - The Child Jesus in the Temple and The Epiphany Windows
  12. St Ethelflaeda's Chapel - The Crucifixion
  13. St Mary's Chapel - The Adoration of the Shepherds
  14. St George's Chapel - St Michael and the Dragon
  15. St George's Chapel - The Pool at Bethesda
  16. The North Choir Aisle - The Calling Window
  17. The East Windows
  18. North Transept - The Angel of Music
  19. The North Transept (north wall, left) - The Annunciation
  20. The North Transept (north wall, right) - The Holy Family
  21. The North Transept (west wall) - St Swithun
  22. North Nave Aisle 1 - Healing the Lame, The Good Samaritan, and Healing the Blind Man
  23. North Nave Aisle 2 - Christ the Good Shepherd & Suffer the Little Children