Sesory garden

Sensory Garden

Designed to stimulate all five senses, this garden is unlike any other. Can you name all five senses? You can enhance hearing by closing your eyes, and enhance smell by opening your mouth. Explore each sense in this garden by using these tricks and some of your own! Plants can use color, texture, taste and scent for protection, deterring unwanted insects and herbivores or as a way to attract insects for pollination. Run your hands gently across some and observe the distinct scents!

Look for lambs ear (close to the ground.) It is known for its super soft leaves! It has dense silk-like hair that gives it a silver color over its green leaves. Find something that smells strong. Many plants use strong smells to avoid being eaten but some of these plants also make the best herbs for seasoning food. 

Can you tell what the large insect-like structure in the center is? You have to imagine what it would look like from above, incorporating the garden beds on either side. Did you guess butterfly? 

Leave this garden out the back and find the large red "T". What could this be? It is a bat roost. Bats hang upside down up between the slats of wood along the top. This roost was made for the native Big Brown Bat, which eats garden pests like beetles.

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