Little Sprouts Garden and Carnivorous Plant Bog

Behind the Vegetable garden, on your way to the children's garden, you will find a chicken coop where we keep a small flock of hens, another vegetable garden, and a carnivorous plant bog. 

Walk along the path towards the children's garden and you will come across more vegetables. This is the Little Sprouts garden. Our Little Sprouts program is a garden education program for preschoolers and this garden is planted by children each year.

Before you go into the Children's Garden, look for the carnivorous plant bog. These plants do not get their nutrients from the soil, instead they get their nutrients from insects that they catch in innovative ways. Venus fly traps snap shut to catch flies. But sundew leaves are sticky and slowly fold around it's prey. While pitcher plants are pit fall traps for insects. If you ever try to grow a carnivorous plant at your own home, you will want to water it often but make sure that you only give it rain water or distilled water since it will die if you water it with tap water.

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks-General Tour
  1. Founders Garden
  2. Japanese Garden
  3. Vegetable Garden
  4. Little Sprouts Garden and Carnivorous Plant Bog
  5. Children's Garden
  6. Butterfly House
  7. Education Cottage and Streamside Trail
  8. Four Season Garden
  9. Rotary Peace Arbor
  10. Shade Garden
  11. Ozark Native Garden
  12. Sensory Garden
  13. Rock and Water Garden
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