Shade garden

Shade Garden

If it is sunny and warm, you many notice the temperature change as you walk into the shade of this garden. All plants need light to photosynthisize, but here in the Shade Garden, they need less direct light.

This garden was the first to be built and features an array of shade-loving plants. There are many spectacular plants that prefer this environment, some that even hold their foliage year round. Many homeowners find it difficult to garden because they don't have a lot of sun in their yards. Gardens such as this serve as inspiration to such gardeners by showcasing a variety of plants that do well in full or part shade.   

The original shade tree that encompassed this garden was felled by an ice storm in 2009. Since then, two strong and fast growing trees have been planted to take its place. First is a tulip poplar, a native tree that is host to the eastern tiger swallowtail caterpillar. The other is a sawtooth oak, which will provide food for the various critters in our garden with its frilly capped acorns. 

At the back of the shade garden, near the stream, you might see a face watching you. This ancient White Ash tree is the oldest tree on our property. It hosts at least 30 different caterpillar species! Also, notice this tree's roots, see how it is holding the streambank in place and preventing erosion? 

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