Education Cottage and Streamside Trail

This cottage was the first structure built on the grounds. It is used for educational events and is home to our insectarium where butterfly nannies raise our butterflies. 

In front of the cottage you will find a sign about gardening for pollinators. Do you grow flowers at your home for pollinators?

If you turn south and face the creek, you will see our bird feeders. From this distance you may not see well, but you are far enough away to not scare the birds. Walk slowly towards the feeders and see how close you can get to the feeding birds. What types of birds do you see today? 

Beyond the bird feeders is a stream. If you follow the path close to the stream you will be on our streamside trail. Look for a sign along the stream that discusses the riparian zone. This trail explores the riparian zone, which is the important strip of land at the edge of water ways.

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks-General Tour
  1. Founders Garden
  2. Japanese Garden
  3. Vegetable Garden
  4. Little Sprouts Garden and Carnivorous Plant Bog
  5. Children's Garden
  6. Butterfly House
  7. Education Cottage and Streamside Trail
  8. Four Season Garden
  9. Rotary Peace Arbor
  10. Shade Garden
  11. Ozark Native Garden
  12. Sensory Garden
  13. Rock and Water Garden
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