Japanese Garden

This garden is designed in the traditional Japanese style representing peace and tranquility. This style of garden hints to ancient landscapes that highlight the natural beauty of nature without overly ornamental design. There are no showy flowers in this garden, it is mostly made of evergreen shrubs with a few Japanese Maples. Evergreen shrubs stay green and keep their foliage year round unlike deciduous plants that drop their leaves! How many shades of green can you find? 

Notice the Koi in the pond. "Koi" means love in Japanese! Admire their vibrant coloring! How many colors can you find?

The use of opposite elements are highly used in this garden, they include contrasting textures, the use of wet and dry elements, and more. These elements can be read about in depth on the sign outside of the garden!

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks-General Tour
  1. Founders Garden
  2. Japanese Garden
  3. Vegetable Garden
  4. Little Sprouts Garden and Carnivorous Plant Bog
  5. Children's Garden
  6. Butterfly House
  7. Education Cottage and Streamside Trail
  8. Four Season Garden
  9. Rotary Peace Arbor
  10. Shade Garden
  11. Ozark Native Garden
  12. Sensory Garden
  13. Rock and Water Garden
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