Butterfly House

The butterfly house is made to resemble a butterfly. Can you see it?

Before you go into the house, please observe these rules:

Stay on the path.

Do not touch any caterpillars or butterflies. 

Be respectful of the butterflies living here. 

The metamorphosis of our native butterflies is from May to October. They start as eggs and end as butterflies. Inside the butterfly house you can usually spot each stage of a butterfly's life cycle: egg, caterpillar, crysalis, and adult butterfly. We keep everything butterflies need in ample supply here. As adults, butterflies need flowers to drink nectar from, but as caterpillars they eat leaves of a host plant. Caterpillars are very picky eaters and usually only eat one or a few plants. Some of these plants are milkweed, rue, parsley, pipevine, paw paw, candlestick bush, and wafer ash. There is also a butterfly puddling station in the center of the house where the butterflies drink up more nutrients.

Notice the many colors. Keep an eye out for butterflies near the ceiling. Look closely at leaves, and under leaves, to see if you might spot a caterpillar. 

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