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Who uses YourAudioTour?

Walking Tours

Showcase your town's public art exhibits or give visitors a walk through an interesting neighbourhood. Towns and various outdoor attractions use YourAudioTour to help guide visitors through their walk and learn more as they go. See how easy it is to create and share an audio tour for your walk!

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Create a modern tour that all your visitors can enjoy. Not only will visitors be able to use the tour onsite but you now have a virtual tour of the museum online. This can act as a way for the public to learn from your exhibits from the comfort of their own home.

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Schools and Libraries

Libraries have created tours to help visitors navigate the library at their own pace and learn something new. Students have created tours to showcase a project duing school science fairs. Our platform makes it easy for educational institutions to create unique and useful audio tours.

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Religious Sites

Churches, Temples, Mosques and Religious Shrines are often packed full of amazing history. An audio tour can help guide worshipers through the site and teach them more about the history. Giving people time to learn and meditate on the importance of such history can help them feel a deeper connection.

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Upload Custom Audio

Upload your own custom recorded audio in mp3 format and update at any time.

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Available Offline

Tours can be downloaded onto Apple and Android phones and accessed like an app.

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Charge For Your Tours

Charge visitors to take your tour and get paid quickly and securely.

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Text-to-Speech Technology

Instantly create audio with the latest text-to-speech technology. Choose from 5+ voices.

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YourAudioTour has been the perfect solution for us. Over several years we looked at a lot of options to create an audio tour for our Art Walk, but this was by far the easiest to create, best looking finished product, and on top of that we received super customer service!

Kim, Yountville CA

Great customer service! YourAudioTour implemented custom stop identifiers and QR code integration to help us create the tour we wanted. We love that the tour works on any type of phone and it is easy to share online and in person. Our visitors are loving it, keep up the great work!

Joshua, Cleveland OH

Perfect for our small museum - the text to speech made it really easy!

Ryan, Leeds UK

The custom audio option allowed us to build the tour we wanted. Excellent customer service helping us through the whole process!

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