Veg garden

Vegetable Garden

The vegetable garden features raised beds and shows how people who have mobility limitations can plant an accessible garden. Walk through the isles and look for plants you recognize. Is there anything new to you? 

Vegetables grown in the garden are given to staff, volunteers, and also donated to Seeds That Feed, a local organization that distributes it to food insecure people in the community. Any extra waste gets fed to the chickens or composted.

Composting is recycling organic material! In gardening, this includes any herbaceous or soft plant parts, which are piled together, mixed every so often, and break down over time. Compost adds organic matter to the soil. This organic matter feeds the soil food web, making the soil and its inhabitants healthy. 

Did you know you can garden all year long in Arkansas? All you need is some extra protection, like frost cloth, for cold spells that dip into the teens. You can have cabbage, broccoli, kale, and spinach all year. Planting annual flowers in your vegetable beds such as alyssum and marigolds will attract beneficial insects to your garden, and reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides. 

In the south east courner of this garden is a sign with more information about growing vegetables in the Ozarks.

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