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Rotary Peace Arbor

The centerpiece of Botanical Garden is the Rotary Peace Arbor on the Great Lawn. It is made from bald cypress logs and a backdrop for concerts, weddings, and other garden events. Both the Rotary Peace Arbor and the Totemeier Event Hall are timber framed structures. These differ from what we think of as traditional buildings or structures as they do not use any nails to complete the construction of the frame. Can you see how the structure is held together?

Our roses that climb up the arbor are grown without synthetic pesticides, which is part of the reason they can look a little rough at times. While we do love them, we love our pollinators more and many of the pesticides used on roses are harmful to our buzzy friends.

If you backtrack just a little you will find a sign about pollination on the great lawn's circular path.

What is your favorite fruit?

Now, thank a pollinator for that fruit. Over a third of the food we eat comes from a flower that needs a creature to pollinate it. Think about how our existance is tied to nature.

Botanical Garden of the Ozarks-General Tour
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  9. Rotary Peace Arbor
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