Founders garden

Founders Garden

Upon entering through the gate near the event hall, this garden sits to your right! Notice the bricks on the path! They are engraved with the names of some of our supporters. We host of many of our special events such as weddings, receptions, and celebrations. While in the Founders Garden, we like to sit and take a moment to appreciate the people that make up our community! You can show your appreciation here by respecting our plants and keeping our grounds clean to help us stay beautiful!

This garden features several tropical plants that survive winter due to the added protection of the fence, concrete, and building. Look for the Cestrum which blooms delicate orange flowers in the summer, and the Bird of paradise! You can use surrounding elements at home as micro climates to protect your own tropical plants! 

The yellow creeping plant around the fountain is called Creeping Jenny. This lovely little plant prefers moist areas and can grow in full sun or part shade. Just be careful! It's aptly named as it likes to creep its way quickly accross your garden!

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