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Seeley's Bay Heritage Walking Tour - 130 Mill Street

TOUR STOP 1: Welcome & Introduction to Lottie Raven, your tour guide.

Welcome to Seeley's Bay

Seeley’s Bay is a charming destination on the heritage Rideau Waterway and the village owes its existance directly to the construction of the Rideau Canal. The dams at Upper Brewers and Whitefish Falls flooded the 18 mile cranberry marsh as well as a ‘ravine’ on land owned by the Seeley family, thus creating a bay that lay within sight of the main road to Kingston. Guided by Lottie Raven, a colourful resident from Seeley’s Bay’s past, you will hear and read about the history of such places as our harbor and Haskin’s Point, as well as a multitude of the buildings and locations in the village. As was the case in many small villages, fire has taken its tole and many of the original buildings on this tour have been destroyed by fire which you will hear referred to throughout the tour. Local historians, as well as several enthusiastic history lovers share their knowledge of the area with you throughout this tour.  Prepare to be entertained and enlightened by the history of this village as you visit the many locations of interest.  

We acknowledge that Seeley's Bay rests on traditional lands inhabited by indigenous people from the beginning. In particular we recognize and deeply appreciate the historic connection and contribution of the Annishnabek, Huron-Wendet, Oneida and Haudenosaunee peoples as stewards of this place. As settlers, we are grateful for the opportunity to live here and we thank all generations of people who have taken care of this land.

Lottie Raven is remembered as the lamplighter in the village of Seeley's Bay.

She was born Charlotte Mountenay in Quebec about 1867 and was a domestic living in the Donnelly household in Pittsburg Township in 1901. In April 1911 she married James Raven, a widower with two children at home.

The Raven family lived in a house at 137 Mill St. in the village. James Raven worked as a labourer and Lottie did housework for various village households.

For a number of years Lottie was responsible for keeping the night lanterns lit at the wharf and at the three intersections in the village. She was a good woman with the misfortune of having a wart on her face. Unfortunately, this imperfection made her the target of cruel jokes at times but did not change her view of the community and her important role.

After James Raven died in 1924, Lottie continued to live on Mill St. and was often seen sitting on the porch where she died of heart failure in August 1940.

134 Bay Street, Seeley's Bay, ON, Canada
Seeley's Bay Heritage Walking Tour - 130 Mill Street
  1. TOUR STOP 2: Seeley's Bay Wharf and the Rideau Queen - 130 Mill St.
  2. TOUR STOP 3: Seeley's Bay Saw Mill (Hartley's) - 136 Mill St.
  3. TOUR STOP 4: The Plane Crash - 130 Mill St.
  4. TOUR STOP 5: Horse Racing and Ice Cutting on the Bay
  5. TOUR STOP 6: The Dr. Christie House - 148 Mill St.
  6. TOUR STOP 7: The National Hotel - 160 Main St.
  7. TOUR STOP 8: The Brown House- Bootlegger - 179 Main St.
  8. TOUR STOP 9: Home of John Bracken - 172 Main St.
  9. TOUR STOP 10: The Hotchkiss House Murder - 196 Main St.
  10. TOUR STOP 11: Coleman's Hotel - 152 Main St.
  11. TOUR STOP 12: Dr. Gardiner House- presently Ridgway Confections - 159 Main St.
  12. TOUR STOP 13: The Bank - 148 Main St.
  13. TOUR STOP 14: Stage Coach Depot/ George Cheetham's Blacksmith Shop - 103 Bracken St.
  14. TOUR STOP 15: Kelly’s Fresh Mart formerly Sweets - 144 Main St.
  15. TOUR STOP 16: St. Peter's Anglican Church - 155 Main St.
  16. TOUR STOP 17: Dr. Bowen's House -145 Main Street
  17. TOUR STOP 18: Seeley's Bay Masonic Hall - 108 Adelaide St.
  18. TOUR STOP 19: Seeley's Bay United Church - 129 Hellen St.
  19. TOUR STOP 20 - A. Neal and Son, Brick and Tile Co. Circa 1900 - 109 Hellen St.
  20. TOUR STOP 21: A.J. Sly's Furniture and Undertaking - 140 Main St.
  21. TOUR STOP 22: Gilbert Carriage Works - 129 Main St.
  22. TOUR STOP 23: Gilt Edge Cheese Factory - 118 Main St.
  23. TOUR STOP 24: Sunny Acres- The Ashery - 119 Haskins Point Rd.
  24. TOUR STOP 25: Haskins Point - 148 Haskins Point Rd.