Playing Through

Audio transcription:

“ … and then we also want to paint a color, paint the piano into different colors but we also realized that the piano is a beautiful wood. You see all the wood grains and, in fact, the piano is an antique piece and is 40 years old, made in Michigan back in the ‘60s. What we eventually decided was to use a fountain blue stain as the background of the color, and then to have hundreds of thousands of circles of different sizes to wrap around the piano. That would create some two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality effect with the circles wrapped around the piano. So the blue color is obviously associated with river, the Scioto River, and the dimples – the circles – is a representation of the golf ball. But at the same time it has some kind of pop arts quality to it. It’s fun to look at. It doesn’t have to be a golf ball. If people don’t make that recognition, that’s fine. It’s just something, some cool pattern, to look at to make the piano look a little bit more whimsical, just a fun thing to look at, so we are trying to play that contrast.”

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