One Scene and Untitled

Audio transcription:


“My name is Daisuke Shintani. I’m originally from Japan, but living in Pennsylvania. When I got there to receive the right to my pieces I really liked that place. The buildings were sort of symmetric with a nice pond in front of a wall reflecting the scenery and the building, and above the building is a huge open sky. Wide sky. And I really liked that location. So I had a few ideas when I got there about setting my pieces, but finally I picked one idea, that spot, so the leaves look like they’re coming out of the pond, slightly rising and then going back into the pond like a half-circle like the moon … or the sun rises and then goes back down to the ground and the next day comes back again. I wanted some cycle, to put some infinite cycle, and the pond is reflecting those pieces and the buildings. I wanted it to have some feeling like it stays there forever and reproduces those moments.”


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