Ggg 050510

Going, Going... Gone!

Audio transcription:

“My name is Don Merkt; I’m an artist and I live in in two cities. I live in Portland, Oregon – my studio is mainly in Portland – and I also live in West Hollywood, California. The main thing I remember is that originally the site that was given was just the grassy oval field outside, and when I was short-listed I flew back there. There are a number of things that struck me. First was how remote the dairy field is from anyplace, and then when I got there it seemed like it was mainly dominated by sports activities. But then I fell in love with the woods that are connected adjacent to it, and asked if I could extend the art piece into the woods because they had such a great natural ambience. I thought it would be nice to be able to create this journey that goes from a grassy open field into the darker area. I was there different times of the year, during the seasons, and the feeling of those woods changed a lot. It’s just a beautiful place in itself. I thought it would be fun to try to get, because when you’re out on the field you’re more part of all the Little League activities, especially when there are games going on. So I wanted to create something that those people would connect with. The start of it is almost cartoon-like, and then leads into a more-sophisticated sort of piece inside of the woods.”

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