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The Simulation of George M. Karrer's Workshop

Audio transcription:

“I’m Brower Hatcher; I work at the steel yard in Providence, Rhode Island. I describe myself as a public artist, one who’s concerned with social issues. I’m very focused on working with communities and developing imagery that is appropriate to the identity of who they are more than anything concerned with who I am. So what we have done is to create what I call a simulation of the memory of a blacksmith’s shop, and then within that we have embedded a full range of objects which relate to the blacksmiths’ trade and their art. Some were made here so we have blacksmiths here, we have people who do that, some were just found objects that we came upon, and the other thing was to go back to the community and ask people to come up with things they have. It’s partially the sense of ownership; like ‘it’s ours’ if they’re things from the community.”

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Dublin Art in Public Places
  1. Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees)
  2. Leatherlips
  3. Out of Bounds
  4. Recreation Center Relief Sculptures: Charting History, Community Time Capsule and Running Man Frieze (after Muybridge)
  5. Jack Nicklaus Tribute Sculpture
  6. Watch House
  7. Going, Going... Gone!
  8. Ascension
  9. One Step at a Time
  10. Narrow #5
  11. Injection
  12. Exuvia
  13. Modified Social Benches
  14. One Scene and Untitled
  15. Jaunty Hornbeam and Sanguine Standing Stone
  16. The Simulation of George M. Karrer's Workshop
  17. Playing Through
  18. Daily Chores
  19. Tree of Life, Future Tense
  20. Dublin Tunnel Mural
  21. Feather Point
  22. The Boat in the Field