Narrow 5

Narrow #5

Audio transcription:

“My name is Shawn Morrin and I run the sculpture program at Bowling Green State University in northwest Ohio. The piece, of course, is called Narrow #5 and it’s really one of several pieces that I’ve done over the years that focus on this gateway, or portal, or entry. It could be construed both as a physical kind of entry, as in the case with this particular piece – it is the entry to the park. So as you come into the park you have this gateway, so it kind of doubles up that meaning there. But it can also be construed as a spiritual entry or portal from one physical dimension maybe into a non-physical or spiritual dimension. A lot of what I do as an artist has its roots in scripture, and there are some pieces that I have done and continue to do that are specifically and very deliberately physical manifestations of particular passages of scripture. I try to do it in a way that can convey what I’m trying to convey without being really in your face.”

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