Out of bounds

Out of Bounds

Audio transcription:

“Hi, this is Fred Hahn and I’m the Director of Parks and Open Space with the City of Dublin. Avery Park was chosen for the Art in Public Places program back in 1991. One of the main reasons Avery Park was chosen was that, by design, that park was functional in nature but had relatively little aesthetic qualities. So when the piece was dedicated in 1992 it brought that welcomed relief to the athletic fields and sensing that Avery Park contained prior to that point. The artist definitely picked up on the cues that the land gave him and that it was by nature an athletic park, and so his piece was placed throughout the park so that it could be viewed from multiple vantage points without impacting the function of the park. So the park users, which are quite a few – especially in the warmer months on the weekends – got more interest than just watching the sports that occur there.”

To learn more about Out of Bounds, visit dublinarts.org/publicart.

Dublin Art in Public Places
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