Benjy Davies - "Selections from the Daily Drawings Project"

Hi, I'm Benjy Davies. The drawings that I've submitted for this show are selections from a larger project called Daily Drawings. I started this project in 2008, making a small drawing every day. I was intending to do this just for a month, just to try it, what that felt like. And I ended it up doing it for however many years, 15 years now. So I have about 5,000 drawings in this collection. Each day's drawing is inspired by something I saw or something I thought about, or maybe just an abstraction or playing with a new idea visually with a pattern or shape or, or tone or line or something.

I typically show these in large groups of 30 to 40, to I've shown up to 400 at a time, and it kind of gives the artist a chance to express different parts of themselves. I guess the artist is me! It gives the viewer a chance to see into the artist's head a little bit. They become kind of a long-term autobiography/diary. Anyway, I hope you enjoy looking at these images and I hope you find a way to make some art in your life every day.

Big Draw Colorado
  1. Josh Aiman - "Sitting Woman With Blue" and "Looking"
  2. Kevin Baer - "Drawing Ritual"
  3. Tree Bernstein - "Buckthorn Near & Far" and "Strawflower Stars"
  4. Tonia Bonnell - "In the Explosion – Rise"
  5. Mark Brasuell - "Tiefschlaf (Deep Sleep)"
  6. Mindy Bray - "Structure #2"
  7. Karen Breunig - "Red Dress #2"
  8. Andi Burnum - "Sketchbook 13 Page 37"
  9. Jack Cackovic - "Font Family: Graffiti"
  10. Al Canner - "Mid-Century Modern Pictograph"
  11. Julie Chen - "Red Rocks"
  12. Diane Cionni - "Rhizome Atlas I"
  13. Sue Crosby Doyle - "Scroll"
  14. Benjy Davies - "Selections from the Daily Drawings Project"
  15. Mark Evans - "The Path to Weightless #3" and "The Path to Weightless #1"
  16. Anne Feller - "Grasping"
  17. Rebecca Gabriel - "Night"
  18. Judy Gardner - "I'm a Fan"
  19. Brittany Hass - "Spider Maple Leaf"
  20. Margaret Kasahara - "Notation 38-20" and "Notation 5-23"
  21. Dan Levinson - "Story of A Giant"
  22. Charles Livingston - "Body Motion Drawings"
  23. Kalliopi Monoyios - "Animist Dancer"
  24. Jonathan Nicklow - "Rearranging The Hungry Eye"
  25. Phillip Potter - "Transitory Formation of Mental Objects #3"
  26. Mike Richens - "Late Afternoon Thoughts On Degas"
  27. Pam Rogers - "Ten Mile Range"
  28. Gregory Santos - "Kimberly (light green)"
  29. Bala Thiagarajan - "Kolam Floor Drawing"
  30. Chloe Wilwerding - "Street View. Home View. Heart View. II"