Diane Cionni - "Rhizome Atlas I"

This drawing is from a series of contemplave drawings, meaning they were made mark by  mark, without concern for any specific design outcome. In my art prac4ce, I like to use imagina4on to inform my intellect. This par4cular series of drawings came out of a curiosity I  have about the invisible processes that lie beneath the surface of our visible physical reality. I  wondered what these networks of energy might look like if I could actually see them. I was  curious what other people thought about this so I began a series of interviews with friends and  strangers asking them to share their own mental images with me of these invisible worlds.  People had a lot of different things to say. Some made diagrams. One wrote a poem. Several  described nes4ng onion-like forma4ons with mul4tudes of layers. Using these ideas from other  people’s minds as a seed, I began a series of drawings. I worked without any preconceived no4on of any final image absorbed only in the mark I was making, like a medita4on. When I got  stuck, I’d ask myself, “How would energy flow through this space I’m crea4ng?.” As a group, the drawings are alike and different. People tell me they remind them of aboriginal pain4ngs. They’ve likened some to electron microscope images of viruses, to human DNA, they have seen  in them deep space and transforma4ve biological growth processes. I wonder what you see?

Big Draw Colorado
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  12. Diane Cionni - "Rhizome Atlas I"
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