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Ally Art & Architecture (English)

Welcome to our audio tour Ally Art & Architecture in the city centre of Almere!

We'll take you on a tour through the city centre, from station Almere Centrum to the Esplanade. Discover the Art, Architecture and Spirit of Almere with architour!

The tour takes about 2 hours and is offered to you by the Kunstlinie.

© architour 2022
All rights reserved.

Writers: Anneke Bokern, Paul Vlok en Jelte van Koperen (architour); Odette Breijinck.
Speaker: Kes Blans and Esther O'Toole

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Stationsplein, Almere, , netherlands
Ally Art & Architecture (English)
  1. Introduction
  2. Anno, Grote Markt 121
  3. Stadspark
  4. Up-Stairs, Ira Koers
  5. Moerastuin, Inside Outside
  6. Wandelpier
  7. Casa Casla