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Concretions by William Braithwaite

Concretions by William Braithwaite. 

Material: Concrete and Steel. 

With a BA in Sculpture and Environmental Art from The Glasgow School of Art, Braithwaite has won multiple awards for his work: RSS Gilbert Bayes Award 2018, Creative Edinburgh Award 2019 and Richard Coley Award 2020. Braithwaite is interested in objects which engage the viewer in a bodily way, these are large scale works which are complex in design from the build-up of repetitions. The work is made from recycled concrete and is left with the bland, natural colour of the material. This helps draw the attention to the form itself: the influences of brutalist and minimal architecture can be seen but demonstrate form over function, something that art can consider when without architectural limitations.

Reasoning for planting choice:

Installing the beds in geometric shapes and using Mersenne Prime planting numbers complement the composition of this art installation. The plants have been chosen to bring dapples of colour and scent in a structured form, whilst providing food and flavours to us and our wildlife.


Lavandula stoechas ‘Devonshire Compact White’ (in 7), Rosmarinus officianalis (in 3), Helichrysum angustifolia (in 7). 

Royal Society of Sculptors 2022 at Broomhill Estate
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