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One Sheet: Music

A blank page, a blank canvas, a blank slate–widely-used idioms for limitless possibilities. For the exhibition series One Sheet, we invited over 60 Colorado artists to start with a single sheet material and allowed them to let their imaginations run wild. 

For One Sheet: Music, each artist received a sheet of large format 16" x 26" 50 staves staff paper.

The artist used this raw material as the building block for their creation. This material could be filled up, ripped apart, added to, or reimagined into something completely different. By highlighting the creativity, diversity, and range of processes and concepts that are derived from a simple sheet material, One Sheet showcases the limitlessness of the blank sheet and of the creative mind.

You can listen to the compositions from this exhibition through this link.

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada, Colorado, United States
One Sheet: Music
  1. Alex Anderson - "AIX-106-THEY HERE"
  2. Keith Ewer - "Water, Earth, Wind and Fire"
  3. Janet Feder - "When You Dance in the Kitchen"
  4. Mark Harris - "Visual Work: Music Piece on Music Paper"
  5. Mamiko Ikeda - "Dolphin's Dream"
  6. Mary Jungerman - "Clarinet Improvisation"
  7. Ash Mach - "Fun with Improv"
  8. Tenia Renee Nelson - "Oh What A Beauty"
  9. Eleanor Perry-Smith - "Elegy for He"
  10. Moss Pig - "You're Only as Good as You Are"
  11. John Rot - "Where does the Work of Art Reside?"