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Floyd D. Tunson: Ascent

This expansive survey exhibition features work from the past five decades by Colorado artist Floyd D. Tunson. Two major arts centers in the Denver metro area — The Arvada Center for the Arts & Humanities and RedLine Contemporary Art Center — present Tunson’s works simultaneously, creating one exhibition across two locations.

Floyd Tunson is one of Colorado’s most important contemporary artists. Over the past 50 years, he has prodigiously, fearlessly, and innovatively created art from his keen cultural perspective, taking on identity, race, and history. An incredibly influential educator for 30 years in the public school system, Tunson’s impact extends beyond the art world into local communities and future generations.

Collaboratively curated by Wylene Carol, Daisy McGowan, and Collin Parson.

"I’m Floyd Tunson, and I’ve been artist my whole life. I’m honored that my work is exhibited in Ascent.

Not everything I do falls into distinct categories; but a lot of it addresses injustice; some of it is purely abstract; and some pieces are just each its own thing."

Floyd D. Tunson: Ascent
  1. 4th of July
  2. Raw Deal
  3. Endangered Series
  4. Canary Metaphor
  5. Universal Bunnies
  6. Black Lightning and Yellow Kid
  7. Redlining & Gentrification
  8. Haitian Dream Boats
  9. The Wrestlers
  10. "Errands," "Fading," "Yellow Car," and "Untitled 41"
  11. Nubian Series
  12. Synchro-Meshes
  13. Delta Queen
  14. Remix Series
  15. Soweto Matches
  16. Crate Sculptures
  17. Let’s Talk about Race
  18. "Black Rodeo," "Pop-Up Rodeo," and "Nate the Snake: My Ski Partner for 45 Years"