Redlining & Gentrification

Redlining & Gentrification: One of the institutional barriers to becoming middle class is redlining. For most Americans, home ownership is the primary investment that can render a legacy for the next generation. Redlining resulted in generational delays in Black people’s ability to give the next generation a hand up to economic security and achievement of wealth. I chose to paint my Redlining series as abstract works because it would be impossible to show all repercussions in any one or collection of figurative pieces. Gentrification too can have its negative consequences. We all love the cool coffee shops and bistros, but they don’t mean much to people from long-established, high-functioning neighborhoods who are uprooted with no equivalent place to go.

Floyd D. Tunson: Ascent
  1. 4th of July
  2. Raw Deal
  3. Endangered Series
  4. Canary Metaphor
  5. Universal Bunnies
  6. Black Lightning and Yellow Kid
  7. Redlining & Gentrification
  8. Haitian Dream Boats
  9. The Wrestlers
  10. "Errands," "Fading," "Yellow Car," and "Untitled 41"
  11. Nubian Series
  12. Synchro-Meshes
  13. Delta Queen
  14. Remix Series
  15. Soweto Matches
  16. Crate Sculptures
  17. Let’s Talk about Race
  18. "Black Rodeo," "Pop-Up Rodeo," and "Nate the Snake: My Ski Partner for 45 Years"