I love the architectural element of constructing something out of disparate materials – the synergy that results. All my Synchro-Mesh pieces, come from the pleasure of selecting certain intriguing objects and playing with positioning them in a composition that feels just right. Constructing the very small pieces is every bit as challenging as the larger ones.

Floyd D. Tunson: Ascent
  1. 4th of July
  2. Raw Deal
  3. Endangered Series
  4. Canary Metaphor
  5. Universal Bunnies
  6. Black Lightning and Yellow Kid
  7. Redlining & Gentrification
  8. Haitian Dream Boats
  9. The Wrestlers
  10. "Errands," "Fading," "Yellow Car," and "Untitled 41"
  11. Nubian Series
  12. Synchro-Meshes
  13. Delta Queen
  14. Remix Series
  15. Soweto Matches
  16. Crate Sculptures
  17. Let’s Talk about Race
  18. "Black Rodeo," "Pop-Up Rodeo," and "Nate the Snake: My Ski Partner for 45 Years"