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What is YourAudioTour?

A platform to help anyone quickly and easily create audio tours that can be accessed from any mobile device. Rather than creating an app your audio tour will be a website that can be accessed from any computer or phone.

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How do I create an audio tour?

You'll need to register with us here so you can save your tour. Once you're signed up it's as easy as adding a picture and a description for each stop.

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How do I share my tour with visitors?

Your tour will be a website that can be accessed from any computer or phone with internet access. You can link to your tour, print a QR or provide a URL to visitors.

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How do users access the tour and does it use data?

Users will access the tour the same way they access any website. This means that they will need to be connected to the internet either over wifi or through their data plan.

Can I use QR codes to market my tour and stops?

Yes! Each tour and stop has it's own custom QR code that you can print and display for visitors. This is a great way to help visitors discover and access your tour.

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How does the text to speech option work?

The default setting for a new tour is to generate audio based on the stop description. So when you save a tour the description will be converted to audio unless you chose the custom audio option.

Can you record custom audio for each stop?

Yes! If you have the time and resources to create your own audio it's a great way to make a unique and high quality tour. You can decide for each stop whether you want to use custom audio or utilize the text-to-speech functionality.

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Are there limits to the length of each stop or the picture size?

Yes. Stop descriptions are capped at 5,000 characters. Image and custom audio uploads are also capped at 5MB each.

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How much does the service cost?

The service is free if you create one tour with 5 stops or less. This allows you to try out the service before buying. For the paid options please check out our pricing page.

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