What is YourAudioTour?

Stephen Canis
June 02, 2017

YourAudioTour is a platform anyone can use to create a simple website that acts as an audio tour for visitors. It is simple and quick to create and update tours for a wide range of organization.

You can see an example a finished tour website here.

Historically, audio tours involved custom hardware that was provided to visitors when the arrived at museums and other attractions. Given advances in technology and the popularity of smartphones we wanted to create a simple way for anyone to create an audio tour visitors could access on their smartphone.

We decided to allow people to create simple web pages on YourAudioTour.com rather than stand alone apps because:

  1. Websites are easier to update
  2. Visitors do not need to download an app
  3. The tour can be available on any device that can access the internet

If you're interested in creating an audio tour in just a few minutes you can read our step by step guide!

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