Jaime molina july 1

Jaime Molina, "Sunlaps," mixed media

Bearcreek Greenbelt Park is a place that Jaime Molina frequented as a child and continues to explore with his family. Molina is known for creating art with narratives that loosely play on our existence and that sometimes portray characters based on his family and friends. Jaime also has a public work, a 40 foot totem pole titled "La Veleta/Weathervane" at 6th Avenue and Federal Blvd.

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LandMark: Lakewood
  1. Tobias Fike, "Make Broken," burned and dead tree limbs, wood, found objects, plaster, plastic bags, zip ties, rope, and metal hardware
  2. Scottie Burgess, "Sky Vessel," cast iron, upcycled dead tree, and paint
  3. Anna Kaye, "Preserve," tree stumps, miniature scenery, and resin birds
  4. Kalliopi Monoyios, "Knot," single-use plastic packaging, HDPE house wrap, polypropylene landscaping fabric, and polyester thread
  5. Eileen Roscina, "Shelter," willow
  6. Nicole Anona Banowetz, "Respire," fabric
  7. Jaime Molina, "Sunlaps," mixed media
  8. Tiffany Matheson, "Caught," reclaimed ghost net, plastic bottles, wire, and paint
  9. Mia Mulvey, "Albedo," ceramic, wood, pigment
  10. Jason Mehl, "Spoor of the Anthropocene," CNC Plywood