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LandMark: Lakewood

This outdoor exhibition features the work of 10 accomplished Colorado artists, many of whom live or work in Lakewood, Colorado. Each public artwork addresses the environment or sense of place—how the land has changed or highlighting what has always been there but remains overlooked. In a time that is marked by widespread isolation, these works are a direct connection between artists and people, fostering a sense of discovery, community, and environmental awareness. 

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Artists: Nicole Banowetz, Scottie Burgess, Tobias Fike, Anna Kaye, Tiffany Matheson, Jason Mehl, Jaime Molina, Kalliopi Monoyios, Mia Mulvey, and Eileen Roscina 

Thank you to the City of Lakewood's Heritage, Culture & the Arts division and the City of Lakewood Parks division for supporting and showcasing LandMark. This exhibit is a temporary, public outdoor exhibition curated by Kalliopi Monoyios and Anna Kaye on view through October 18, 2021. For more information about HCA exhibitions, public art, or educational programming, please contact Arts Programming Curator, Laine Godsey, at LAIGOD@lakewood.org.

470 S Allison Pkwy, Lakewood, Colorado, USA
LandMark: Lakewood
  1. Tobias Fike, "Make Broken," burned and dead tree limbs, wood, found objects, plaster, plastic bags, zip ties, rope, and metal hardware
  2. Scottie Burgess, "Sky Vessel," cast iron, upcycled dead tree, and paint
  3. Anna Kaye, "Preserve," tree stumps, miniature scenery, and resin birds
  4. Kalliopi Monoyios, "Knot," single-use plastic packaging, HDPE house wrap, polypropylene landscaping fabric, and polyester thread
  5. Eileen Roscina, "Shelter," willow
  6. Nicole Anona Banowetz, "Respire," fabric
  7. Jaime Molina, "Sunlaps," mixed media
  8. Tiffany Matheson, "Caught," reclaimed ghost net, plastic bottles, wire, and paint
  9. Mia Mulvey, "Albedo," ceramic, wood, pigment
  10. Jason Mehl, "Spoor of the Anthropocene," CNC Plywood