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Anna Kaye, "Preserve," tree stumps, miniature scenery, and resin birds

Charred, hollow trees preserve miniature Colorado ecosystems as translucent birds perch on nearby trees and shrubs. This installation explores the impact of wildfire on the environment, the desire to preserve a planet that is in constant flux, the ways in which we cultivate the land, and the cyclical nature of ends and beginnings. Follow the translucent birds to find all three sculptures.

*These tree stumps generate condensation; like an atmosphere, the tiny water droplets will collect in various sections of the plexi-glass tops throughout the day. 

Log 1: Aspen tree, cormorants, hawk, red-winged black birds, fish, frog, purple asters and white yarrow; Log 2: Aspen trees, ravens, cottontail rabbit, garter snake, sulphur butterflies, red prairie-fire flowers, and purples asters; Log 3: Orange fritillary and Colorado purple hairstreak butterflies, broad-tailed hummingbird, mouse, Yucca blooms, yellow arnica, red prairie-fire flowers, and purple asters

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LandMark: Lakewood
  1. Tobias Fike, "Make Broken," burned and dead tree limbs, wood, found objects, plaster, plastic bags, zip ties, rope, and metal hardware
  2. Scottie Burgess, "Sky Vessel," cast iron, upcycled dead tree, and paint
  3. Anna Kaye, "Preserve," tree stumps, miniature scenery, and resin birds
  4. Kalliopi Monoyios, "Knot," single-use plastic packaging, HDPE house wrap, polypropylene landscaping fabric, and polyester thread
  5. Eileen Roscina, "Shelter," willow
  6. Nicole Anona Banowetz, "Respire," fabric
  7. Jaime Molina, "Sunlaps," mixed media
  8. Tiffany Matheson, "Caught," reclaimed ghost net, plastic bottles, wire, and paint
  9. Mia Mulvey, "Albedo," ceramic, wood, pigment
  10. Jason Mehl, "Spoor of the Anthropocene," CNC Plywood