Miamulvey april7

Mia Mulvey, "Albedo," ceramic, wood, pigment

The Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet and is a marker for what's to come. Particle and industrial pollution effect the color and brightness by depositing debris layers on ice and this darkening has important consequences. "Albedo" is the measure of how much light that hits a surface is reflected or absorbed. Debris, however small, heats glacial surfaces by reducing its reflectance. Collaborating with the climate of Colorado, my work explores this loss of ice and the release of information through melting.

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@Coyote Gulch Park

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LandMark: Lakewood
  1. Tobias Fike, "Make Broken," burned and dead tree limbs, wood, found objects, plaster, plastic bags, zip ties, rope, and metal hardware
  2. Scottie Burgess, "Sky Vessel," cast iron, upcycled dead tree, and paint
  3. Anna Kaye, "Preserve," tree stumps, miniature scenery, and resin birds
  4. Kalliopi Monoyios, "Knot," single-use plastic packaging, HDPE house wrap, polypropylene landscaping fabric, and polyester thread
  5. Eileen Roscina, "Shelter," willow
  6. Nicole Anona Banowetz, "Respire," fabric
  7. Jaime Molina, "Sunlaps," mixed media
  8. Tiffany Matheson, "Caught," reclaimed ghost net, plastic bottles, wire, and paint
  9. Mia Mulvey, "Albedo," ceramic, wood, pigment
  10. Jason Mehl, "Spoor of the Anthropocene," CNC Plywood