Color rain

Color Rain

The Cultural Campus is one of three locations that make up Umbrella Sky Elmhurst. This display is made up of thousands of ribbons creating “Color Rain” which is an extension of the Umbrella Sky Project created by Impact.Plan in Agueda, Portugal. Color Rain is made even more beautiful when the high winds from the open area create movement and fluidity.

This location is unique as it connects the cultural heart of Elmhurst with Downtown Elmhurst. Elmhurst City Centre wishes to thank our Cultural Campus Partners – the Elmhurst Art Museum, Elmhurst History Museum, Elmhurst Park District, Elmhurst University, Elmhurst Library and Explore Elmhurst for their various contributions to making 110 South Cottage Hill a destination for art, culture and beauty.

This year, each of the three installations will have two sessions of art: one from April to July and another from July to September. Umbrella Sky Elmhurst is a partnership between Elmhurst City Centre and the City of Elmhurst’s Public Art Commission, and this location is sponsored by Lakeside Bank and International Contractors Inc.


Presented by Elmhurst City Centre and The City of Elmhurst’s Public Art Commissions

Sponsored by Lakeside Bank and International Contractors Inc.

Elmhurst Public Art Tour
  1. SkyCube by David Wallace Haskins
  2. Bird City Saint by Sentrock
  3. Curl by Tom Waldron
  4. Figure in the Garden by Abbott Pattison
  5. Art from the Heart by John Nester
  6. You Are Beautiful by Matthew Hoffman
  7. Sistine Touch by Bob Emser
  8. Once Upon a Time by Frank Eliscu
  9. Eric Carle Collection
  10. Crashing Waves by Eleanor King Hookham
  11. Be Bold. Be Elmhurst by Rafael Blanco & Andrew Sobel
  12. There Was A Vision by George Melville Smith
  13. Elmhurst University Art Collection, A.C. Buehler Library
  14. Bicentennial Fountain
  15. Millennium Fountain
  16. Portal by Nicole Beck
  17. Steel Globe by Poblocki Sign Company
  18. Color Rain