Figure in the garden

Figure in the Garden by Abbott Pattison

Abbott Pattison
American, 1916-1999
Figure in the Garden, n.d.
Cast bronze
Purchase, The Frank W. England Fund, Clarence and Pat Graves, Iona D. and
Albert Glos Foundation and Alben F. and Clara G. Bates

Internationally known as a sculptor, American artist Abbott Pattison worked primarily in cast bronze, welded brass, and carved marble. Recognition of his talent first came in his hometown of Chicago through representation by the Fairweather-Hardin Gallery. At the end of World War II, Abbott Pattison returned to Chicago, and to his art, so that by 1946 he was well-known in art circles as the youthful recipient of both the Logan and Eisendrath awards, and as a recipient of one of the four prizes awarded nationally to sculptors by The Metropolitan Museum. He joined the faculty of The Art Institute of Chicago as an instructor of sculpture. His work was inspired by classical Classical Greek and Etruscan forms, elements of which he interpreted in creating his abstract bronzes, welded braised figures, and marble carvings.

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