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The day I painted Randy, I discarded the pizza box I started his portrait on and then just painted his portrait on a fresh box.  By the way, no pizzas were injured in the creation of this project.  I simply ordered a bulk delivery of 100 pristine pizza boxes before I started.

Anyway, I had discarded this box from the Randy portrait and I had finished his portrait and I was cleaning up my studio.  I saw the discarded box and I thought I didn’t want it to go to waste so I brought out the mirror I have in the studio, I placed it on the floor, and I knocked out this self portrait.

One of the reaons I started this pizza box project is because prior to this, I had done over 100 self-portraits, either drawings or paintings, and I wanted to convince myself that I could paint people other than me.  An easy way to paint other people was to give the portraits away.  And so part of the project was just to prove this to myself, that I could paint other people as well.

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