Romsey Abbey - An Introductory Tour

This tour is equally suitable for first time visitors to Romsey Abbey and those who are familiar with the church but wish to find out a little more about its long history and items of interest. 

The Abbey is open daily 10.30am to 4.30pm (11am to 5pm Sunday), subject to services.  For further information please see: www.romseyabbey.org.uk

Romsey Abbey, Romsey, SO51 8EP, United Kingdom
Romsey Abbey - An Introductory Tour
  1. Welcome to Romsey Abbey
  2. The West End
  3. William Petty
  4. The Abbess's Doorway
  5. St Nicholas’ Chapel – the South Transept
  6. The Threadgold Treasury
  7. The French Glass
  8. St Anne’s Chapel
  9. St Ethelflaeda’s Chapel
  10. St Mary’s Chapel
  11. St George’s Chapel
  12. North Choir Aisle
  13. The Sanctuary
  14. The Chancel
  15. Saxon Foundations
  16. St Lawrence’s Chapel – the North Transept
  17. North Nave Aisle
  18. The Shop Area
  19. The South Garth
  20. A Message from the Vicar, the Revd Thomas Wharton