Rich Soil at Longue Vue - Wire Sculptures by Kristine Mays

Life-size sculptures adorn the grounds of Longue Vue House and Gardens. African American artist Kristine Mays breathes life into wire with her special exhibition Rich Soil, on view from October 20, 2023 – April 30, 2024. 

Created from heavy steel wire, Rich Soil challenges people to acknowledge the ancestors, the workers of the land, those deemed lesser than, the bodies that have been used and tossed away. 29 sculptures will surprise visitors as they dance throughout the lush areas of the Longue Vue House and Gardens. The artwork moves beyond beauty and decoration– provoking thoughts of spirituality, racial justice and humanity. Loosely inspired by the Alvin Ailey dancers, it has accentuated ideas of playfulness and worship with the ever-changing ecology of the land as its stage. The work offers many ideas and interpretation. In the middle of orchids, conversation about land acknowledgment, Black Lives Matter and immigration have become commonplace.  There was a dance between spirituality and social awakening – both ends of the spectrum evoking deep reaching conversation.

** All work is for sale. For more information contact Kristine Mays at kristine@kristinemays.com

7 Bamboo Road, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Rich Soil at Longue Vue - Wire Sculptures by Kristine Mays
  1. Ancestral Spin
  2. Soon And Very Soon
  3. Conjuring
  4. All Night Worship Service
  5. Celestial Prayer Meeting
  6. Little Worlds Within Us
  7. Not Just Happenstance
  8. About the Work