Competition - Dance Skating

Dance skating includes two different styles of compeition.

In American Dance, skaters must perform a series of steps in specific sequence. Skaters are judged based on their timinig with the music, their execution of the technical elements and the pattern of the dance, and their body positions. Competitions involve eliminations and final rounds. Skaters may compete in team dance as mixed couples or in solo dance as individuals.

World Class Dance involves three types of dance - compulsory, original set pattern (OSP) and free dance. In the compulsory dance, all teams skate the same set pattern. The OSP dance requires each team to create its own  routine within guidelines relating to rhythm and pattern. In free dance, teams must use original choreography and music of their own choice. These three events are scored in one combined event.

National Museum of Roller Skating Audio Tour - Museum Proper
  1. The First Roller Skates
  2. Patented Roller Skates
  3. The Father of the Modern Roller Skating
  4. Rinking
  5. The "Newest" Craze
  6. The Disco Era
  7. Pop Culture! Skating in Lines: Roller Skating and Comics
  8. Pop Culture! Orchestras, Organs, & Disco: Music in the Rink
  9. Pop Culture! Movies: Roller Skating Across the Silver Screen
  10. Competition: The History of Hockey on Wheels
  11. Competition - Speed Skating
  12. Competition - Dance Skating
  13. Competition - Figure Skating
  14. Competition - Derby
  15. C. W. Lowe's Tent Rink
  16. When Skating Goes to War
  17. Skating for Others
  18. Roller Skating Car Hops
  19. Jam Skating
  20. Extravaganza on Wheels: The Skating Vanities
  21. Vaudeville