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Roller Skating Car Hops

Carhops were used in the United States for decades, adding a playful appeal to eating out. The first carhops appeared in the early 1920s. American Graffiti and Happy Days both depicted roller-skating car hops. Sonic® is the best-known fast food restaurant for having skating carhops, although not all Sonic locations have their carhops on skates.

Unique to Nebraska, which opened in 1991, Rock 'n' Roll Runza® made a splash as the corporation's largest restaurant. The 1950s theme was reflected inside and out with a jukebox-shaped drive through window and a neon guitar sign on P Street in Lincoln. Wait staff rolled around on quad roller skates, taking diners back in time. Rock 'n' Roll Runza® closed in 2006.

National Museum of Roller Skating Audio Tour - Museum Proper
  1. The First Roller Skates
  2. Patented Roller Skates
  3. The Father of the Modern Roller Skating
  4. Rinking
  5. The "Newest" Craze
  6. The Disco Era
  7. Pop Culture! Skating in Lines: Roller Skating and Comics
  8. Pop Culture! Orchestras, Organs, & Disco: Music in the Rink
  9. Pop Culture! Movies: Roller Skating Across the Silver Screen
  10. Competition: The History of Hockey on Wheels
  11. Competition - Speed Skating
  12. Competition - Dance Skating
  13. Competition - Figure Skating
  14. Competition - Derby
  15. C. W. Lowe's Tent Rink
  16. When Skating Goes to War
  17. Skating for Others
  18. Roller Skating Car Hops
  19. Jam Skating
  20. Extravaganza on Wheels: The Skating Vanities
  21. Vaudeville