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Art + Science

The intersection between science and creative experimentation.

Explore the ways that fourteen contemporary artists use scientific concepts, datasets, research, and development to inform their creative work. Art + Science portrays both artistic practice and scientific discovery in new ways, broadening the understanding of both as they experience concepts in science through the unique voice of regional artists.

Art + Science
  1. Monica Aiello - "Surrounding Pele II." "Prometheus & the Ionian Garden." and "Pele West"
  2. Tyler Aiello - "Pod II," "Bloom II," and "Bloom IV"
  3. Nicole Anona Banowetz - "Incubation Effect Installation"
  4. Katie Caron - "Neuron Forest (installation)" and "Branching Structures"
  5. Joelle Cicak - "Calista," "Lenny," "Howey," "Lola," and "Merlin" from the Tattered Tails Series
  6. Erin Espelie - "Silent Springs"
  7. Camila Friedman-Gerlicz - "PARAMETRIZATION (wall)" and "PARAMETRIZATION (sculpture)"
  8. Megan Gafford - "Pushing Daises (Progression of Mutation)" and "Pushing Daisies (Rocky Flats)"
  9. Mia Mulvey - "Bristlecone," "CBR26: Sequoia," "The Last Glacier: Nevada," "Prometheus," "Ring," "D21: Sequoia"
  10. Clark Richert - "H. XE Periods," "Enneacon," and "Periodic Pyramid"
  11. Eileen Roscina + Netta Offer - "Untitled (Mycelium)," "Mycelium Film," "Mycelium installation." Eileen Roscina - "Mycelium Wallpaper"
  12. Justin Trupiano - "T-Minus ," "Necrology: PSR B0329+54," and "Necrology: PSR B1822-09"
  13. Travis Vermilye - "Bound: Network 002 [Earth]," "Bound: Network 003 [Pine]," "Bound: Network 005 [Aspen]," "Bound: Network 006 [Ash]"
  14. Steven J. Yazzie - "Yuméweuš"