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World War II Veteran - The People

Chesapeake Beach has honored veterans from its earliest days.  This fictionalized World War II veteran’s letter is based on an actual excursion reported in The Washington Daily News, August 26, 1946.


Dear Mom and Dad,

You’ll never believe what I did today!  A group of us were treated to a trip to a beautiful place called Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, about an hour from the hospital.  Captain Wesley Stinnett took us out in his boat for a morning of fishing in the Chesapeake Bay.  Boy, that was fun!   Capt. Stinnett told us that the American Red Cross had also brought guys from Walter Reed here after the first war.

We had a fine, home-style lunch at a cozy restaurant, and I dropped a few nickels in the one-armed bandit there – no luck!  Our hosts gave us a swell day, and we were very thankful for it. 

Doc says I may be coming home real soon.  Someday, I hope we can all visit Chesapeake Beach together.  There was an amusement park here that is going to be renovated and reopened.  Little Sis would love that.  Until then..

Your loving son,

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