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Women's Suffragist - The People

Chesapeake Beach played its part in the Women’s Suffrage Movement, with meetings and speeches held on the boardwalk.  This fictionalized letter captures a slice of life and what a day trip to the beach might have been like in 1916.  


Dear Aunt Mary,

I could not wait to tell you about my day and night in Chesapeake Beach.  I came down on the train with my friends in the Women’s Suffrage Movement to listen to speeches being given at the boardwalk pavilion.  Many of our Baltimore family, as you know, always come by steamboat.  What a reunion we had!

First we all rode around the park on an ox drawn cart instead of experiencing the thrills and chills promised by The Great Derby.  I am scared of roller coasters over the water! We had a wonderful picnic in a grove of trees as the bay breezes kissed our faces.

We are booked at the magnificent Belvedere Hotel. We had a pleasant nap reviving ourselves before dining and dancing on the rooftop of the Casino - a huge white building overlooking the bay.

Tonight I will be dreaming about this wonderful place, all the fun we had today and the hope that women will one day have the right to vote!


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