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Matyrdom of St. Stephen

The painting above the door depicts the Martyrdom of St. Stephen, an event described in the New Testament, Book of Acts, chapter 6.  St. Stephen was stoned to death in Jerusalem 35 AD after preaching a sermon his hearers disliked.  Unfortunately this painting has suffered deterioration over the years and is in poorer condition than the other paintings in the chapel.

      Attached to the doors in front of you, you will see plaques with Latin memorials to the Reverend George Hodgson and Canon James Simpson, the Cathedral’s first two priests. A third door panel commemorates Robert and William Harris, the two brothers who were respectively the painter and the architect, whose talents have made this beautiful Chapel the treasure and unique place that it is. 

The next station is located to your right.

St. Peter's Cathedral and its All Souls Chapel
  1. The Chapel
  2. St. Athansius
  3. Archangel Michael stained glass
  4. St. Jerome
  5. St. Ambrose
  6. Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ stained glass
  7. St. Augustine of Hippo
  8. St. John Chrysostom
  9. Christ on the Cross stained glass
  10. St. Gregory the Great
  11. The Sanctuary
  12. Peace I leave with you
  13. Matyrdom of St. Stephen
  14. Morson Children
  15. Entrance Wall
  16. The Cathedral
  17. Icon of the Virgin Mary
  18. The Baptistery
  19. Centre Aisle
  20. The Altar