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The Chapel

This beautiful chapel was built to commemorate the Reverend George Hodgson, the first Priest-Incumbent of St. Peter's Cathedral, following his sudden death in 1885. 

The exterior is constructed of Island stone in what is referred to as a jigsaw pattern in which various sized stones are fit together by the stonemasons. 

Construction began in June 1888 and the chapel opened for service in November, 1889. The name All Souls' Chapel was chosen in memory of all souls who claimed St. Peter's as their spiritual home. 

The chapel reflects the collaborative efforts of two famous Islanders and members of the congregation; Architect William Critchlow Harris and his brother Artist Robert Harris.

It was designed in the High Victorian Gothic Revival as favoured by Harris and featuring wood and stone arches, elaborately carved wood panels, pointed arched windows, steep pitched gabled roof, terra cotta tiles and stone construction.  

The Chapel was designated a National Historic Site in 1990, and continues to be used for services on a daily basis. 

All four Chapel windows were imported from England.

The walls of the Chapel are adorned with beautiful murals.  These paintings are the work of the well-known Prince Edward Island artist Robert Harris, who lived from 1849 to 1919.

The panels of walnut and oak were carved in flowers, leaves and fruits by Caleb Whitlock, working for Lowe Brothers, the local company contracted to build the Chapel.

The paintings on the wall to your left (as you stand just inside the entrance) depict six important figures from the early history of the Christian Church – six of the “Early Church Fathers”, as they are called.  In a moment you can proceed to a station in front of each one of these paintings.  But first, take note that the other paintings in the Chapel depict various scenes from the Bible and are memorials to various members of the congregation.

     In addition, please take note of the three stained glass windows along the exterior wall of the Chapel on your left.  

Please turn to observe the third station.

St. Peter's Cathedral and its All Souls Chapel
  1. The Chapel
  2. St. Athansius
  3. Archangel Michael stained glass
  4. St. Jerome
  5. St. Ambrose
  6. Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ stained glass
  7. St. Augustine of Hippo
  8. St. John Chrysostom
  9. Christ on the Cross stained glass
  10. St. Gregory the Great
  11. The Sanctuary
  12. Peace I leave with you
  13. Matyrdom of St. Stephen
  14. Morson Children
  15. Entrance Wall
  16. The Cathedral
  17. Icon of the Virgin Mary
  18. The Baptistery
  19. Centre Aisle
  20. The Altar