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St. Ambrose

In this painting we see St. Ambrose.  Ambrose was Bishop of Milan in the Fourth Century (from 374 to 397).  He is remembered as a great Christian theologian and one of the most influential and significant figures of the church in the 4th century.

    In this painting, the artist has chosen to portray one particular event in St Ambrose’s life. Ambrose is shown refusing the Emperor Theodosius entry to the basilica church in Milan on Easter Day because Theodosius had been responsible for the massacre of 7000 people in Thessalonica.  (This was in the year 390).

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St. Peter's Cathedral and its All Souls Chapel
  1. The Chapel
  2. St. Athansius
  3. Archangel Michael stained glass
  4. St. Jerome
  5. St. Ambrose
  6. Blessed Virgin Mary and Christ stained glass
  7. St. Augustine of Hippo
  8. St. John Chrysostom
  9. Christ on the Cross stained glass
  10. St. Gregory the Great
  11. The Sanctuary
  12. Peace I leave with you
  13. Matyrdom of St. Stephen
  14. Morson Children
  15. Entrance Wall
  16. The Cathedral
  17. Icon of the Virgin Mary
  18. The Baptistery
  19. Centre Aisle
  20. The Altar