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Sculpture in the Field

Sculpture in the Field at the Arvada Center features large-scale pieces from significant Colorado artists working in a variety of mediums. This rotating exhibition features works large and small in a natural setting, and is always free and open to the public.

The Arvada Center acknowledges that our facilities stand atop ancestral lands that include the Tsétsėhéstaestse (Cheyenne), the Hinono’eiteen (Arapaho), Nuche (Ute), and Oceti Sakowin (Lakota) nations. We offer respect to people of these nations—past, present and future.  As we strengthen our resolve to honor their legacies we ask that you do so as well by giving pause to acknowledge the history of deceit, wrongdoing, and Western settlement on their lands as well as the beauty of their languages, knowledge and strengths that informs our human experience today.

6901 Wadsworth Blvd, Arvada , CO, USA
Sculpture in the Field
  1. Patricia Aaron - Air BnB
  2. Bill Vielehr - "Metal Response" and "Tactile Visual Continuum"
  3. Michael Clapper - Silencio
  4. Steven Shachtman - Mid Mod #9
  5. Norman Epp - Mother Rising
  6. Emmett Culligan - Oneric
  7. Erick C. Johnson - Skeeter
  8. Robert Mangold - Tetrahedralhypersphere
  9. Jodie Roth Cooper - Quarter Mile Arch
  10. Charles Parson - Tintinnabulation
  11. Charles Parson - Dual
  12. Carl Reed - Kindred Spirits
  13. Carl Reed - Braced Ring with Outlier
  14. Joe Riche - Untitled 09.06.19
  15. Joe Riche - The Doom 06.09.11
  16. Joe Norman - Faith/Doubt
  17. Scottie Burgess - Ties Forward
  18. Roger Reutimann - Common Unity
  19. Dave Mazza - Achemar
  20. Dave Mazza - Aeolus
  21. Eric McCue - Space Jack
  22. Joe Norman - Fear/Love
  23. Reven Swanson - Delicate Balance
  24. Ana Maria Botero - “Spring Line” and “Shapes of Nature”
  25. Steven J. Yazzie - Gold King & Associates
  26. Barbara Baer - "Trellis"
  27. Barbara Baer - "Waterspout"
  28. Evan Beloni - "Zagolith"
  29. Ted Schaal - "Rift"