Enjoy The Rest Of The Day In Aggieville

That was a good hike and it is time for some refreshment.  At this point you are close to Aggieville (a six minute .3 mile walk) and a host of fine eating and drinking establishments.  Time for a meal and maybe a drink or two, but be sure to take the time to raise up your glasses to honor those who served, those that were wounded and those that did not return. 

Manhattan Veterans Tour
  1. To Our Soldiers Community Building
  2. The Eagle Monument
  3. Armed Forces Monument
  4. Peace Memorial Auditorium
  5. Pearce & Keller Memorial Garden
  6. Spanish-American War Monument and Union Soldier Monument
  7. Sunset Cemetary Tour
  8. Sunset Cemetery Tour (Part 2)
  9. KSU - Memorial Stadium
  10. KSU - Richard B. Meyers Hall
  11. KSU - Danforth/ All Faiths Chapel
  12. KSU - Viet Nam Veterans Memorial
  13. KSU - Viet Nam Memorial and William Grimm Memorial
  14. Enjoy The Rest Of The Day In Aggieville